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☆ Happiness Activity: Have a beautiful day! ☆ 

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Happiness Activity: Have a beautiful day!

Positive Emotion is one of the five elements of happiness and well-being. If we can somehow increase the level of positive emotion, we can be happier.

Dr Martin Seligman, known as the father of positive psychology, describes a simple happiness activity ‘Have a Beautiful Day’ in his book ‘Authentic Happiness’ for increasing positive emotion in the present:

“Set aside a free day this month to indulge in your favourite pleasures.

“Pamper yourself.

“Design, in writing, what you will do from hour to hour.”

Be mindful and savour every moment of the beautiful day.

Do not let the bustle of life interfere and carry out the plan.



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The Science of Happiness (Positive Psychology), Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality and Laughter Yoga. We conduct talks, seminars, workshops, retreats and trainings.

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Jagat Singh Bisht : Founder: LifeSkills

Master Teacher: Happiness & Well-Being; Laughter Yoga Master Trainer
Past: Corporate Trainer with a Fortune 500 company & Laughter Professor at the Laughter Yoga University.
Areas of specialization: Behavioural Science, Positive Psychology, Meditation, Five Tibetans, Yoga Nidra, Spirituality, and Laughter Yoga.

Radhika Bisht ; Founder : LifeSkills  
Yoga Teacher; Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

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