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(It is difficult to comment about young author Mr Ashish Kumar and his mythological/spiritual writing.  He has well researched Hindu Philosophy, Science and quest of success beyond the material realms. I am really mesmerized.  I am sure you will be also amazed.  We are pleased to begin a series on excerpts from his well acclaimed book  “Samudramanthanam” .  According to Mr Ashish  “Samudramanthanam is less explained and explored till date. I have tried to give broad way of this one of the most important chapter of Hindu mythology. I have read many scriptures and taken references from many temples and folk stories, to present the all possible aspects of portrait of Samudramanthanam.”  Now our distinguished readers will be able to read this series on every Saturday.)    

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☆ Weekly Column – Samudramanthanam – 26 – Amrita ☆ 

Finally, the day has come for which Sura and Asura join their hands, for which they were doing all efforts from ages.

Out of the ocean of milk ‘Kshirasāgara’ emerged a radiant golden pot. “I am the Lord of Good Health and Medicine,” he announced. “Here is the amrita that you seek. Those who drink it will gain strength and immortality.”

There was a great cheer as the devas and Asuras realized that their task was over. Both Lords Indra and Bali stepped forward to take the pot.

“As it was our idea, we will drink it first,” said Indra, tugging it to the right.

“Without us, you would not have had the strength to churn the ocean,” retorted Bali, tugging it to the left. “Give it to us first.”

And so on, it went, back and forth, right and left. Tempers flared and it almost came to blows, four drops split from the pot and fall over earth. Those four drops of amrita fall on ‘Haridwar’, ‘Paryagraj’, ‘Ujjan’ and ‘Nasik’ and these four are places where Kumbh melas are organised. Kumbh means a pot.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, appeared a beautiful maiden such as they had never seen! Her dark eyes were like blue lotuses and her air of mystery enchanted devas and Asuras alike. It was Lord Vishnu, who took the form of a lovely girl, to divert the attention of the Asuras.

Smiling sweetly and coyly, she took the pot from them. “Silly men, why quarrel over this?” she scolded playfully. “Sit down and I will serve it equally amongst you.”

Meekly they sat down, devas facing north and Asuras facing south, as the beautiful maiden danced between them. Flirting outrageously with the Asuras, she distracted them while she slyly served the amrita to the devas. Soon, all the devas had received the magic potion and there was not a drop left for the Asuras.

The beautiful maiden then threw down the pot and, laughing scornfully, vanished as suddenly as she had appeared.

© Ashish Kumar

New Delhi

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