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What AI is all about… through my lens – Ashish Mulay

Everybody’s talking AI these days. but not about the core impact of it… Talks on tables, restaurants and in nerdy chats are mostly of surface level impact of AI…

Like change in jobs, changes in the way we work..etc. But almost 99% missed one point – ‘It will change the way we think’ ..How? Let me explain..

But before that we must understand the basic concept of power and it’s structure..

Let me give you one example:

A soldier kills one person on ground

but he does so on the orders given by his commander..

His commander takes order from the king or the highest authority … Now is the catch.

We might here think that ultimate power lies with king. but no… king does not give orders on his whim.

He gives orders based on what he thinks is the ‘Right thing to do’… or whom should be killed is decided by kings’ definition of ‘who is wrong’…

So, you see, the one who defines the ‘right and wrong’ in the head of king (or in the head of society these days) holds the real power and in a very subtle way controls the world.

Here comes the AI… you might wonder, ’how come?’

Let me explain:

What most people do on internet?

they ‘ask.’


what’s the average salary of project manager?

what’s the meaning of yoga, God and all divine stuff?

is it right to have sex before marriage?

is it right to be in particular relationship?

how is life in Bangalore?

what’s the meaning of love and life?

iphone vs android what’s better?

show me photos of riots.

search real photo of hanuman.

and so on….

What they are actually looking for is the confirmation for their definition of right or wrong. Today they are asking to google, which shows them multiple options. BUT

AI will give them definite answer. Try ChatGPT … and when the trend is set. Most of new generation will take decisions based on what AI says. I am not talking of tomorrow but years after tomorrow.

Now you will understand why world billionaires are spending like mad on AI. And why valuations are so high of relatively small AI companies.

Remember, the one who controls the definition controls the world…

In my opinion we need real visionaries and not AI visions for they will never understand our pain… and pain starts beyond the realm of Logic.

Let’s see where it all goes by…

Till then ‘Have a nice day!’ and you know I mean it…


© Shri Ashish Mulay


≈ Editor – Shri Hemant Bawankar/Editor (English) – Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM ≈

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