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 ? – “The Heavens” – ? ☆ Shri Ashish Mulay 

Let’s make the heavens here

it’s not sitting somewhere there

neither is the hell everywhere

it’s all in the head, don’t search anywhere


imagine the world which runs on logic

that is where you will find real magic

beliefs and blind faiths make this world tragic

ask the skeletons sitting in old world’s attic


god has given birds, the wings to fly

so the brains, to search and not believe by

science is the true saviour, we should rely

and logic is the rope, we should hang on by


when you wonder why someone,

is born to someone and other to no-one

then remember,

if you make everyone someone

then nobody will be born to no-one


it is in our hands to make heavens here

let’s not waste the time looking there

remember you are not going anywhere

for you shall be born again, only here…

© Shri Ashish Mulay


≈ Editor – Shri Hemant Bawankar/Editor (English) – Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM ≈

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