Meditation Learning Lessons/Eight Videos Links

Shri Jagat Singh Bisht

(Master Teacher: Happiness & Well-Being, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Author, Blogger, Educator and Speaker.)

We reproduce links of Meditation Learning Lessons with Video Links for the benefit of our  readers:

  1. Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing-Learning Video#1
  2. Meditation: Awareness of Body-Learning Video#2
  3. Meditation: Calming the Body – Learning Video 3
  4. Meditation: Breathing with the Body – Learning Video 4
  5. Meditation: Breathing with feeling – Learning Video #5
  6. Meditation: Breathing with the Mind – Learning Video #6
  7. Meditation: Breathing with the Mind – Learning Video #7
  8. Meditation: Breathing with Wisdom – Learning Video #8
Courtesy – Shri Jagat Singh Bisht, LifeSkills, Indore

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